Your pool may already be the star of your backyard paradise. Many backyard pools are built on a simple concrete foundation. While this concrete is functional and gets the job done, it doesn’t look attractive.  Over time, the pool deck has developed cracks and just isn’t standing up to the Florida elements.  If you’d like to add even more sparkle to your pool, upgrading with pool deck pavers might be just the thing. Pool deck pavers add a professional accent to your pool without breaking the bank and are made to last for years.

What are Pool Deck Pavers?
Pavers are decorative stones that give your pool or hot tub a unique look around the edge. Pool deck pavers involve laying a series of small pavers, usually made of stone materials, around the edge of the water feature. This decorative edge blends in seamlessly with common surfaces used around pools.

The Durability of Pool Deck Pavers
If your pool sees plenty of activity throughout the year, you don’t have to worry about your pavers failing under constant use. Pool deck pavers can withstand a variety of climates, including the torrential rains of Florida’s climate. Some types of pavers may need an extra seal to maximize their durability.

Endless Pool Deck Pavers Design Choices
Pool deck pavers give you an easy way to renovate and freshen up your outdoor living space without spending a lot of money. Pavers can be installed around existing pools and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Brick, concrete and stone are the most common material choices for pavers, giving you plenty of options to find something that matches the aesthetic of your yard. You don’t have to stick with simple square or rectangular shapes; you can also select ovals, diamonds, circles and many other options.

Safety Benefits
Pool deck pavers are an excellent way to improve pool safety without damaging the look of your pool, especially with kids around. Pavers are naturally non-slip, helping your swimmers keep their footing and avoid accidental falls when their feet are slippery. Pavers can also contribute to preventing an unexpected dip in the pool after a rainstorm.

An Inexpensive Choice
For the money-conscious homeowner, pool deck pavers are a smart choice. The materials used are long-lasting and don’t require much repair work over time, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket for other outdoor living projects. Paver costs are strongly affected by the material used. Concrete, for example, is an inexpensive option that is resistant to chlorine. Natural stone pavers tend to be more expensive, but they offer a more dynamic look for your pool.

Low Maintenance Requirements
Pavers are easy to maintain thanks to their durability. Regular sweeping and washing with water are usually enough to keep pavers looking new. If one of your bricks require extra work after suffering a mishap, it’s easy to replace a single stone without disturbing any of the other stone pavers.

If you’re interested in upgrading your pool with pool deck pavers, contact American Pools & Spas at 772-777-8655. We’ve been helping other Vero Beach families create the backyard oasis of their dreams for years and can help you create a timeless look for your home.