A thoughtfully designed inground swimming pool can transform any backyard into an enjoyable outdoor oasis. And when you choose an experienced swimming pool builder, you can avoid common pitfalls while turning your dream pool into a reality. A few factors to keep in mind when you’re building an inground swimming pool. Choosing an experienced pool builder will help you avoid common pitfalls.

Your pool’s purpose. Know why you’re building an inground swimming pool.

  • Do you plan to use a swimming pool for fitness or family entertaining?
  • Are you creating a party spot, a romantic escape or a children’s fun zone?

Your pool’s purpose will be reflected in its design. For example, a lap pool typically has a long, rectangular design with a single water depth. An infinity pool is a stunning option that can highlight a view on your property. Plunge pools let you cool off even if you have a smaller backyard, and they are very customizable with fountains and waterfalls.  It’s helpful to establish how you or your family will use the pool so you receive the most benefit.

Your home’s architecture. A well-designed pool complements your home’s style and architecture.  It’s possible to use your home’s landscaping to make your pool area look and feel like an extension of your home. There is such a variety of swimming pool construction materials.  Consider natural stone and rock waterfalls to create a natural look, while glass tiles and dramatic water features play up modern architecture.

Your tolerance for chores. A smart pool design means that your pool will be as energy-efficient and low-maintenance as possible. While no swimming pool is entirely maintenance free, strategic use of variable-speed pumps, skimmers, and sanitizers can help keep your pool in pristine condition with minimal fuss. Talk with your swimming pool company during the planning phase about the options for automating pool-related chores.  Don’t forget the screen enclosure if you have lots of trees on your property.

Your yard’s characteristics. The type of soil present in your yard can create issues when building your pool. Fortunately, the majority of yards in most areas are well-suited for swimming pool construction, and even if your yard has problems, such as expansive or rocky soil, a skilled swimming pool builder should be able to resolve them at a reasonable cost. The slope of your backyard is another factor to take into consideration in the planning stage. Your pool can be designed to fit the grade of your yard, or the grade of the yard can be altered to suit the pool’s design.

If a homeowner overlooks some key factors during the all-important planning stage, they might end up spending more money than they planned on building an inground swimming pool that doesn’t quite meet their expectations. You can easily avoid that outcome by dreaming big and planning carefully with an experienced pool construction company by your side.

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