How is a swimming pool like the roof on a home? Both are big-ticket items that have lengthy lifespans and a serious effect on your property’s value. When you’re looking to build a swimming pool, quality is an obvious concern. Sadly, there are plenty of unscrupulous pool builders willing to tempt you with the promise of a stupendous deal. Be wary. While price is a concern, your priority should be hiring a pool builder with experience and who will stand behind their product.

When you decide to enhance your outdoor space with a pool, how do you determine if a pool builder is really reliable? For starters, it helps if you ask the right questions.  Here are the top questions when hiring a pool builder.

1. Are you accredited by the Better Business Bureau?
Ethical business practices are a must for any business that wants to maintain their Better Business Bureau accreditation. A quick tour of the BBB’s website will also provide you with the bureau’s rankings of any pool companies that you are considering, which can provide useful insight into how trustworthy a company is and how it responds to any issues that arise.

2. Where is your showroom or place of business?
Why does it matter if your prospective pool builder has a physical storefront? Fly-by-night pool contractors can offer you a great price, but they often vanish when you have a problem.  When hiring a pool builder, choose one who has a showroom.  It suggests that the pool builder has put down roots and plans to be around for the foreseeable future. This increases the odds that any warranty they offer you on your new pool will be honored.

3. How many years has your company been in business under its current name and owners?
When a pool builder goes out of business, your pool warranty disappears. Sadly, there are some shady swimming pool builders who will close down their companies abruptly, leaving a string of unfinished pools behind them. Then, they reopen in a new city with a new name. To protect yourself, look for a firm that has been in business under the same name and leadership for at least three years.

4. Do you have the necessary insurance?
If you hire a pool builder who doesn’t have the proper workers’ compensation and general liability insurance, they aren’t the only one rolling the dice. You are too because if anything happens to a subcontractor working on your property, you may be liable. When hiring a pool builder, ask for their proof of insurance to accompany the estimate they will provide.  But don’t forget to follow up to verify that they have the proper insurance.

5. Can I see references?
A pool company who has earned a reputation for excellence will be happy to provide you with references from past customers, so any hesitation here is a major red flag. You can also ask for the names of a few of their suppliers. After all, pool companies that don’t pay their suppliers may not stay in business long, so you’d be wise to avoid them.

American Pools & Spas in Vero Beach, FL, is dedicated to providing excellence in both our products and our customer service. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we’re proud of the reputation and the relationships that we’ve built over the years.  Although, we might be fairly new to the Vero Beach area, we’ve been in business (under the same name) in Orlando since 1999.  To request your free estimate, contact us today.