Swimming Pool Products & Features

The right combination of swimming pool products for cleaning and maintenance will increase your enjoyment of your swimming pool and make routine maintenance easier. American Pools & Spas is proud to offer a broad range of quality pool maintenance  products and features for our customers.

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Pool Automation

Looking for reliable pool automation products? Designed for residential, commercial and industrial use, Intermatic’s heavy-duty mechanical time switches provide up to 12 on-off operations in a 24-hour period; the minimum on-off time is one hour. We also carry control systems by Jandy, an industry leader whose visually appealing control systems make taking charge as simple as pushing a button.

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Pool Cleaning Systems

Thanks to modern pool cleaning systems, enjoying a fresh, inviting pool no longer requires hours of scrubbing and vacuuming. With a PV3 Cleaning and Circulation system, your pool is always ready for swimming. Installed directly in the pool’s shell, this hardworking system keeps your pool spotless, but it’s invisible when not at work. The Hayward Navigator offers another option. Its patented SmartDrive technology ensures that it cleans your entire pool, providing a comprehensive clean that random cleaners can’t match.

Pool Sanitizers

A good sanitizer delivers water that is both sanitized and gentle on your skin, eyes and swimsuit. An ecofriendly system that eliminates pungent chlorine odors, the Clormatic system uses water-softening technology to make sanitization simple. Pentair’s Rainbow 300 Automatic Chlorinator make sanitizing incredibly convenient by automatically delivering the necessary chemicals. Our customers can also select the Paramount Clear O3, which uses ozone to deliver a chemical-free shock.

pumps and filters pool products

Pool Pumps and Filters

When it comes to pool pumps, you want efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Pentair’s SuperFlo VS Variable-Speed Pump is a smart choice. Ecofriendly and incredibly efficient when operating, it can reduce energy costs up to 80 percent.
  • WhisperFlo High-Performance Pumps uses less energy to circulate more water, moving it quickly and quietly so that you enjoy a clearer pool.
  • Pentair filter cartridges. Manufactured to meet strict quality standards, these durable, long-lasting filters consistently do a fabulous job.

Pool Heating Systems

Heating your pool lengthens the swimming season, allowing you to swim comfortably all year long.

  • Gas heaters, we offer Pentair’s MiniMax NT, a high-tech workhorse that’s built to last.
  • Electric heat pump, Rheem’s products have a well-earned reputation for excellence.
  • Solar heaters offer yet another option.

With so much to consider, which pool heating system is right for you? Our pool experts can help you decide.

Screen Enclosures

A screened enclosure keeps insects and debris out of your pool, making swimming or simply relaxing poolside more pleasant. Choose a style that blends with your house, and your pool area becomes an extension of your home. Our customers can select a bronze or white frame and a dome or mansard roof.

To discover the full range of products and features we offer, contact American Pools & Spas today. We understand that each pool is unique. It will be our pleasure to assist you in selecting the best items for yours.

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