When selecting swimming pool lights for your new pool, you basically have three options: halogen, fiber optic and LED. Which one is best? While it’s always nice to have choices, it’s easy to see why LED lights are so popular.

Halogen Lighting for Swimming Pools
Once upon a time, halogen lights were the ultimate choice in both above-ground and inground pool lights. They can easily light up the entire pool area, and the purchase price of the bulbs is relatively inexpensive. However, the glory days of the pool halogen light are gone. Newer lighting options offer more color and design choices and feature bulbs with longer lifespans. More importantly, the newer systems deliver much better energy efficiency, allowing you to cut your electricity usage and enjoy more light for less money.

Fiber Optic Lighting for Swimming Pools
A step up from halogen, fiber optic lights also work for above and in-ground pools. They come in a wide array of colors, so it’s possible to create an impressive assortment of lighting effects. The bulbs for pool fiber optic lights last between three to seven years on average and  they are fairly easy to change.  However, the downside of fiber optic lights is that they do get hot, so fans and other mechanical components are necessary which add to the expense of installing this type of lighting system. When it comes to installation costs, fiber optic lighting tends to be the most expensive of this trio of pool lighting options.

LED Lighting for Swimming Pools
LED lights are by far the best choice for the vast majority of new swimming pool construction. Some major advantages of LED lights over the other types of pool lighting are:

  • LED lights are bright, durable and incredibly energy efficient. In fact, pool LED lights use roughly 80% less energy than other types of pool lights. Who doesn’t like the idea of lower electric bills?
  • LED bulbs last anywhere from 7 to 15 years, so you won’t have to change them often.
  • As for installation costs, LED lighting systems generally cost about half of what you’d pay for a comparable fiber optic system.
  • LED lights also come in a broad range of colors, so it’s easy to get the look you want, and with their popularity, manufacturers are continually adding new options to their lineups.
  • These low-voltage lights are a safe choice for areas where kids and pets frolic. Even when they’re illuminated, touching an LED won’t hurt you, so placement isn’t a safety issue.

Of course, nothing is perfect, changing an LED bulb can be a bit of a hassle; the process generally takes about 30 minutes.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful when looking into pool lighting options.  As technology continue to improve, we look forward to the next step of pool lighting.  For now, it seems that LED lighting is the way to go.

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