It’s exciting to visualize all the details that turn your new swimming pool into a beautiful backyard paradise. Thinking about your pump, filter and pool cleaner options might not seem to be the most glamorous part of the process, but these decisions are very important. As you work with your Vero Beach pool builder, expect professional input and recommendations on these three basic pool equipment installations.

1. Efficient Pool Pumps
Constant water circulation keeps the pool fresh and helps it stay clean, so you want an efficient pump system that handles this 24/7 job without driving up utility bills. Swimming pool pump options include single, double and variable speed. Variable speed pool pumps are an excellent choice because they can save as much as 80 percent of the operating cost of regular pumps. Talk with your pool contractor about installing a high-performance pool pump that quietly maximizes water flow while it saves on energy consumption.

2. Dependable Pool Filter Systems
Your pool filter system acts as an ultra-fine strainer capturing contaminants suspended in the water. A dependable filter setup protects your pool’s surface and liner from chemical and algae stains. It also helps protect you from the dirt, debris and fine particle impurities that pollute pool water. The two most common systems use sand or diatomaceous earth as filtering materials. Cartridge filters offer a third choice with advantages that include low maintenance and high resistance to bacterial growth.  Read more about pool filters.

3. Pool Cleaners and Vacuums
Between an automated pool cleaner and an automatic pool vacuum, you can free up hours of backyard chore time for poolside relaxation. The ultimate automated maintenance choice is an in-floor pool cleaning system that uses water jets to direct dirt and debris into drains. Pressure side cleaners with leaf catcher bags are very effective for pools surrounded by trees. Suction cleaners operate much like side cleaners and work with a pool’s filtration system. Robotic vacuums handle their cleanup duties with microchip technology that remembers pool shapes and cleaning routes.

We’re Here to Help
Choosing the right pool equipment makes a big difference in how well your personal oasis performs over the coming years. We’re here to help you navigate everything from pumps and filters to pool decks and screen enclosures. American Pools & Spas is the most experienced pool contractor available in Vero Beach, Florida.  With over 25 years of service in Central Florida, most other pool builders don’t come close.  Request a free no-obligation estimate online, or give us a call today at 772-777-8655.