Building a pool in your backyard is the cornerstone of many dramatic backyard transformations. However, not everyone has the space for expansive luxury swimming pools.  Even homeowners who do have enough space for a full-size pool may not want to devote their entire backyard to a swimming pool. Thankfully, it doesn’t take an Olympic-sized swimming pool to change the character of your small backyard. Even building a small inground pool can form the basis of a luxury backyard space.

Save on Space to Splurge on Features
A basic rectangular pool, although fun to splash around in, can be a bit boring. By focusing on the quality of the pool rather than the size, you can build a luxurious small inground pool with all the bells and whistles. Custom stone, intricate designs and water features are all more affordable when you don’t have to purchase as much material or support as much water.

Incorporate Water Features
Many homeowners appreciate the aesthetic of a water feature, but it can be difficult to incorporate a sizable water feature into your yard without extensive support machinery. However, if you add a pool to your backyard, you can incorporate the water feature into your pool. If you’ve always wanted a fountain shooting water to the sky, adding one to your small inground backyard pool is a relatively simple addition.

Innovative Designs Make Use of Small Spaces
A small pool doesn’t have to be boring. Custom pool designers can use many interesting small pool designs to create a show-stopping look that will impress anyone. Small pools can hug the landscape or be incorporated into the design of your patio, blending seamlessly with the rest of your backyard to create an entirely new experience. If you have ledges, slopes or terraces in your yard, it’s possible to have a part of your small pool hang out over the edge, making it appear to float in midair. Alternately, you can have elements of your pool serve double duty in your yard; for example, a rock wall for your pool could double as a retaining wall.

Enjoy Your Pool Without Sacrificing Your Yard
Larger pools often require extensive decking, obtrusive enclosures and copious amounts of support equipment. By the time you’re finished allocating the necessary space for your pool, you might not have any space left for a yard or garden. A small inground pool, however, still allows you to save some of your backyard for green space. If you want to use your small pool for exercise, you can install water jets to blast a current into your pool, creating a watery treadmill for you to swim against.

Whether you only have a small backyard or just want to keep more of your yard for other purposes, there’s no time like the present to get started. At American Pools & Spas, we’ve been helping our neighbors in the Vero Beach area transform their backyards with luxury swimming pools (whether large or small). Call 772-777-8655 to schedule an appointment with one of our design experts and see what we can do for your small backyard.