Like topping ice cream with hot fudge, putting a pool and spas together takes things that are already pretty amazing and makes them even better. When you’re ready to create your new pool spa combo, use these tips to help you select the ideal design for your outdoor living space.

1. Explore the Possibilities of a Pool Spa Combo
When it comes to building a swimming pool with a spa, there’s not one way to do it right. There are several. Explore your options and choose the one that’s right for you, your needs and your space. The possibilities include:

  • Pools with integrated spas. A pool with integrated spa blurs the separation between these two features, merging them in what often appears at first glance to be a single unit. Whether it’s at one end, tucked in a corner or simply stationed along a side, the spa is installed within the confines of the pool.
  • Pools with attached spas. What if you’d like a blend of a pool with spa, but you still want a bit of separation between the two? A pool with an attached spa might be the ideal pool spa combo for you. Here, the two remain separate entities with the spa placed outside the pool’s footprint. However, they are attached, making it easy to travel from one to the other and enjoy both. The shape of the spa can either mimic or contrast with the pool’s shape. You can even raise the spa above the pool to create a visual focal point. Are you fond of water features? Installing a raised attached spa with a spillover feature produces a delightful waterfall effect.
  • Pools with detached spas. Sometimes, clear boundaries are important. Building a pool with a detached spa results in two fantastic features that are both distinct and complementary.
  1. Evaluate Your Space. Before deciding which pool spa combo design option works best for your outdoor living space, take a moment to evaluate that space. How much room are you willing to devote to a pool and spa combo? Is there an appealing layout that will use the space you have effectively? How will your new features work with your existing ones? What else do you want to add to your pool area?  Will you be building an outdoor kitchen?  A fire pit with seating?  Backyards aren’t as large as they used to be.  It’s important to visualize the finished product.  Even if it might take a few years to get there.

    3. Consider the Aesthetics
    Looks matter. What look do you want for your outdoor living space? Do you want the spa to be a hidden secret within the pool or a focal point that draws the eye?  How far away should your pool and spa combo be from the house?  Will you also build a pool screen enclosure or an aluminum fence around your property?

    4. Plan for Your Usage
    Some people enjoy the prospect of drifting effortlessly from pool to spa. Others want the security of clearly separated spaces. Think about who will be using your pool and spa and how they’ll use these features.  You might also enjoy some ideas about swimming pool shapes.

At American Pools & Spas in Vero Beach, your satisfaction is our priority. Whether you can already picture your perfect pool and spa combo or need a little help bringing the image into focus, you can count on our team for expert advice and quality service.  Feel free to take a look at a few of our swimming pool designs.  We are sure you will find something you like.

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