If you’re thinking of adding a pool to your backyard, you’ll need to spend some time thinking about the features of your pool, including the shape of the pool. There are many available swimming pool shapes beyond the traditional rectangular shape. As you carefully consider the available pool shapes and sizes, think about your own desired aesthetics to find the right pool for you.


Freeform pools usually feature gently curved edges and large rounded ends, sharing a similar shape to a natural pond. For this reason, freeform pools are one of the best inground pool shapes in backyards that feature well-established landscaping. Some homeowners may choose to extend the natural look of a freeform pool by adding waterfalls and decorative rock around the edges. Kidney pools are amidst the top of all swimming pool shapes.  It is a popular pool shape choice in decades past, are another type of freeform pool in its basic form.


Although there are many other swimming pool shapes, traditional rectangle pools continue to be a popular choice. Rectangle pools have defined edges and can be sized down to fit a smaller yard. This pool shape remains a classic because it is easy to blend in with any style of home, from colonial to modern. Although this pool shape may not seem exciting on its own, it’s easy to dress it up with paver stone edging or water features, such as fountains. For homeowners who plan to swim plenty of laps, a rectangle pool is a good choice.


Geometric pools rely on squares, sharp angles and rectangles to create a modern shape that won’t go out of style. This pool shape is a useful option for homeowners without large expanses of space; a geometric pool can be shaped to work around the obstacles of your yard with the use of an L-shape design.

Roman Pools

As hinted by the name, Roman pools hearken back to the Roman civilization and the many baths that were a part of that civilization’s culture. The design is simple, beginning with a large rectangular body that is accented by two semi-circles on either end. The corners of this pool are typically curved for an extra touch of elegance.

Infinity Pools

Not sure if this last suggestion is categorized under swimming pool shapes, but it is very popular among homeowners.  If you want a visual treat each time you go swimming, an infinity pool can do just that. Infinity pools use a hidden trough to collect water from one edge of the pool, creating the illusion of a body of water that continues infinitely. If you have a dramatic backdrop, such as a waterfront view, an infinity pool helps the view shine. Even if you don’t have an amazing backdrop, infinity pool shapes can still be used to create illusions that are visually interesting.

When deciding on your future pool, you’ll need to make a range of decisions, including the pool’s shape. Carefully considering both the style and functions of swimming pool shapes can help you find the option that best works for you. If you need more help choosing a pool shape for your yard, contact American Pools & Spas in Vero Beach today at 772-777-8655 to make an appointment with a design consultant about your new swimming pool.